Make Your Eyes Pop With A Teal Eyeliner

how to apply eyeliner

The exotic pearly teal eye finish is an alternative to a heavy eye makeup, especially in sunny days. You can master a blue teal or opt for intensive or light green shade. The teal eye liner could be used outside and inside the eyelids. Purchase a pencil with a soft, creamy texture. Most of the top makeup brands offer smooth ...

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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Tan

How to prolong the life of your tan

Many of us want to make their bronzed-colored beauty last longer. Usually tan is short-lived. There are smart solutions that will help you to extend the sun-kissed look. There are body and face moisturizers available, that prolong the life of your tan thanks to their unique formula. These cosmetic products contain vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and herbal extracts. You have ...

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Knitwear That Catches The Eye

Knitwear that catches the eye

Tights, anklet socks and bodies are important parts of our fashion style. Moreover, stretchy pieces are synonymous with sexy. New designer collections consist of examples that appeal to everyone – sporty, hip hop, elegant girls. Explore the intricate knitting techniques, launched by Canadian knitwear designer Mark Fast. In its collection he promotes ‘holes’ which form cobweb-like patterns and peek-a-boo ladders. ...

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Cool Season Styles

image credit by Alexander Marie Guillemin

The exaggerated curves such as dress with ruffles, fluffy peplum, ponchos, macrame and louche silhouette are the newest trends this season. If you are seeking something new consider also cutouts. Anyone who does wear them will stand out. Princess Style Dress A glamorous outfit has always worked well in a party ambiance. This is a moment for you to shine. ...

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Skin Illuminator Makes Your Face Glow

skin illuminator makeup photo

Do you know what the common thing between Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston and Jenifer Lopes is? It is not only the fact that they have the same first name. They all use the same skin care product – a skin illuminator. The latest buzz on the faces of celebrities is highlighter. This pearly shimmer lotion reflects light onto the skin ...

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Easy Hairstyles To Wear Under The Helmet

motorcycle hairstyles

Riding a bike or motorcycle and looking chic at the same time is not an easy task. Since many women today prefer to go to the office by bike, helmet friendly hairstyle is a serious concern. Ladies who are hopping on a two wheeler for an open road journey also try to avoid messy hair effect. It is a big ...

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Pets as mood lifters

Pet companions

There are strong evidences that fluffy pets such as dogs, cats, chinchillas, rabbits and even horses are mood lifters. Cute and cheerful animals fulfill the essential need to touch and and be touched. This soothing contact can make you feel wanted and needed. This can really make a difference in your life. If you need to fight depression here are ...

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Nail Gel Lacquer: essential facts you should know

Image credits: Noel Giger

Nail gel lacquer is considered a high-end beauty product that offers an easy solution for those who wish to have a sensational, high shine and long-lasting manicure. This nail enamel lasts up to 3 times longer than common polishes. As a result you save time and money as well. Sounds tempting but read the precautions you can take before applying ...

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How to go green without making mistakes

skin care without harmful chemicals

Sometimes beauty brands use chemicals instead of organic ingredients. The dermatologists advice to choose cosmetics with less artificial ingredients. When you buy organic or any cosmetic products, you have to carefully read labeling. Try to avoid chemical ingredients which could harm your skin. Here are some instructions how to go green without making mistakes. Parabens This group of preservatives includes ...

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